Balade photo naturaliste sur la presqu'île de giens

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Balade photo naturaliste sur la presqu'île de Giens

from February 17 2019 to May 16 2021 Stéphanie Vigetta 83400 Hyères (Var) 431 rue Marius Cornille
Phone : 06 49 00 00 49
Open website http://www.mwangavagabonde.fr The peninsula of Giens would be an island if it was not attached to the continent by its double tombolo. This double Tombolo is a rare geological and natural phenomenon (4 in Europe only) that contributes to making the area unique. This peninsula is about the charming Niel harbor, nestled in the bottom of a cove, gulls, seagulls and cormorants, a preserved coastal path, idyllic beaches, creeks that are no less, the Madrague harbor, maritime pines, the beach of Darboussière, the old lighthouse oil bath of Escamp-Barriou, the tip of the riders, Long Island, the islets of Ribaud, Toulon in the distance ...

Early departure for this ride west of the peninsula of Giens. A half-hour briefing will be done at the beginning of the walk, then we will start walking following the itinerary designed by your eco-guide photographer. This walk can be sporty in some places, the goal is not to exhaust but to have fun, to photograph and learn, we will take the time it will take. We will stop at each planned photographic spot, as well as where you will find something to photograph. The photographer is there to talk about the place, the fauna, the flora, the ecology, but also, and especially to talk to you about photography, advise you on the composition and the technical means to manage to take the cliché that you want to take.
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