2 eme fete du miel lavande olive

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the Thursday 10 May 2018 g lu autrefois 83230 Bormes-les-Mimosas (Var) carre d honneur PORT Y.C.I.B.M LA FAVIERE,
Phone : 06 62 79 12 78
PORT yacht CLUB INTERNATIONAL of BORMES Square D honor BORMES MIMOSAS Thursday, may 10 from 9:00 to 18:00 2 nd party of... LAVENDER... THE OLIVE... Honey Lavender Olivier honey, produced symbols of Provence, more accustomed to the countryside to the sea, invite Yacht Club International, Port of Favière in BORMES LES MIMOSAS.
You will meet beekeepers, regional producers, who will make you taste the different varieties of honey (honey of lavender, honey of Rosemary, honey from Heather, honey of chestnut and honey all flowers...). Told him that it is the nectar of the gods, symbol of gentleness, of love, happiness and even longevity.
Thus, honey and lavender are many virtues which have been known for thousands of years and their taste very nice explains that he enters the composition of various foods (gingerbread cakes, some cooked dishes) or cosmetics (SOAP, shampoos, creams...).
They will be eager to introduce their work tools and explain the different work in the hive, and the importance of bees ' born some 65 million years ago), in the ecosystem. The lavenders (Lavandula) plants of the family of the Lamiaceae, very fragrant, are widely used in all branches of perfumery.
The lavenders are highly sought after by the bees.
In addition, after your meeting with the olive growers, olive, size, harvest, crushing of olives will no longer secret for you.
Don't hesitate, make this day the purpose of a walk invigorating and rewarding, come discover the fascinating world of bees. We expect many. Day strolls, rich in discovery and flavors. Free entrance - Parking organization: G' read 'Formerly' information - Reservations: 06 62 79 12 78 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glu.evenementiel/
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