Riez dimanche 21 mai 2ème salon du livre – collections – vieux papiers art contemporain

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Riez Dimanche 21 Mai 2ème Salon Du Livre – Collections – Vieux Papiers Art Contemporain

the Sunday 21 May 2017 g lu autrefois 04500 Riez (Alpes de Hautes Provence) place javelly
Phone : 06 62 79 12 78  - Mobile phone : 06 62 79 12 78
Laugh Sunday 21 May 2nd book fair - Collections - old papers Art contemporary located at the crossroads of the historical roads linking the Alps and the Valley of the Durance to the high VAR and in AIX en PROVENCE, founded in the 1st century, laugh is the most ancient city of the Alps of high Provence, it is called the Roman laugh. You can discover the rich history of this village through the remains of different eras, Gallo-Roman, medieval and renaissance.
What could be more natural for resort area full of history, to host Culture through this second book fair.
This day will offer you the pleasure of discovery, to find which lack to your library, the gift so much coveted among the Collection or Art and contemporary craft objects expect you many. From 9:00 to 17:00 free entrance - Parking free organization: G' read 'Formerly' information - Reservations: 06 62 79 12 78
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